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US bank JP Morgan Chase has filed for a patent in the US to develop a payment system using "virtual cash", similar to the emerging online currency, Bitcoin. JP Morgan said that, like Bitcoin, the ... The International Business Times reports that JP Morgan’s long-rumored bitcoin clone, informally dubbed “web cash,” has once again been denied a U.S. patent.The system, described as a “method and system for processing internet payments using the electronic funds transfer network,” was originally submitted for patent consideration in August of last year. Patent Not Possible for Bitcoin. The bad news is Bitcoin cannot be patented. Satoshi Nakamoto is said to be the name adopted by an unidentified individual or individuals who designed this virtual currency and built its initial reference implementation. It was called the Bitcoin Core. Nakamoto invented the protocol and published a white paper ... JPMorgan’s patent application (which was updated from a 1999 version) says that its new payment system will compete with with credit and debit cards for online transactions. It mimics a few features from BitCoin: JPMorgan’s system involves creating “virtual cash” that will sit in an online wallet. Each transaction will be saved in a public record of transactions, similar to Bitcoin’s ... Another feature of JPMorgan’s patented digital wallet is the security it provides to online shoppers, who will be able to store virtual money into accounts, which, like bitcoin, is secured through cryptography, thus guaranteeing no breaches of security in the transaction between consumer and manufacturer.

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