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5830 w/ phoenix stuck at Connecting...

posted this on bitcoin forums but nobody responded... I'll try my friendly reddit counterparts!
OS: Win7 64 Ult CPU: AMD 940 quad 3.0GHz RAM: 4GB DDR2 Vid: Sapphire 5830 Extreme 1GB OC: MSI Afterburner 970 core/ 500 mem Miner: GUIMiner 2011-07-01 using built in OpenCL with these flags: -v -w128 -f60 temps: easily under 70C with fan at least around 70-80%
manually did the 3% Ma-function patch to the appropriate kernels.
With this setup I get 285/295 Mhash/s which I don't think is too bad. However I can't seem to get phoenix to work. I tried at first just to setup a new miner and use the phoenix.exe that came with GUIminer, but all it does is say "Connecting..." and never gets connected. I tried replacing the phoenix related files with whatever is on github for 1.5 with the same results.
Any pointers on how I can get phoenix working to see if I get better hash rates for my current setup? Thanks
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-v -w128 , this was an XFX (OEM) model, GPU @ 850 MHz, mem @ 1200 MHz; I pushed it up to 190 Mhash/s briefly by overclocking, but it crashed the system above that 6770 : 202 -- 960 : 800 - PCI-E 2.1 x1,x4,x8,x16 : phoenix 1.48 : Sapphire 6770 (standard) -q2 -k poclbm DEVICE=0 AGGRESSION=10 VECTORS WORKSIZE=128 BFI_INT FASTLOOP (The PCI-E speed does not affect the mining speed) 6770 : 208 ... Die besten ASIC Bitcoin Miner (beispielsweise der Antminer S9) berechnen aktuell 14 Tera-Hashes pro Sekunde ( H/s). Diese Mining-Maschine würde mit der aktuellen Difficulty 13.285.714 Sekunden, also ungefähr 154 Tage (ca. 5 Monte) benötigen, um eine gültige Prüfsumme, und damit einen Block mit einer Belohnung von 12,5 Bitcoins zu finden. Das bedeutet, dass man ungefähr ... GUIminer supports the most popular Bitcoin mining software, including OpenCL Miner for AMD graphics cards, CGminer for any ASIC Miner, and even Ufasoft Miner for CPU-mining. GUIminer not only supports different Bitcoin miners, but it also allows you to use several miners simultaneously. Having configured the miners, you can also configure “Autorun”, which will allow you to start mining ... The following shows the steps to run a Bitcoin miner as a service: Download BitMoose; Unzip and move the unzipped folder to the root of your c:/ drive. Go to the folder of Bitmoose from step 2 and click miners and then cgminer; Delete the contents of the cgminer folder; Download the latest version of cgminer and unzip the contents; Copy all the files of the latest version of cgminer to the ... Wenn Sie eine Radeon 5xxx-Karte haben (zum Beispiel 5770, 5890), verwenden Sie '-v -w128'. Vielen Dank an thebaba, dass sie dafür Code beigesteuert haben. Im Gegenzug ist es relativ einfach, Monero auf Ihrem PC/Mac abzubauen. CGMiner Beim Schreiben dieser Seite handelt es sich wahrscheinlich um die gebräuchlichste und beliebteste Bitcoin-Mining-Software, die von Bergleuten verwendet wird ...

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How to get 0 5 BTC with HomeTech Bitcoin Miner - YouTube

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